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Master Healer Certification Program

This Master Healer Intensive is to facilitate your journey to becoming a Master Holistic Medical Intuitive & Mystic. This Advanced program had a CEU and certificate program with a follow-up live retreat with transformational lessons & exercises to increase your intuitive abilities and confidence.

This Master Program, introduces you to advanced healing tools. It is designed to facilitate your understanding of the 5-elements, Wu Shen, for self-reflection, and healing, as well as to enable you to use the tools in your practice with clients/patients.


  • Do you want to improve your intuitive skills?
  • Do you lack confidence in your intuitive abilities?
  • Do you fear that clients will not trust what you offer?
  • Do you know how to work remotely versus only in person?
  • Would you like additional skills to add to your practice?
  • Do you know how to manifest 5-star clients as needed?


Is this class for you?
If you answered YES to any of the above then this class is for you! Master Healer Certification is the world’s leading program to show you how to increase your intuitive abilities & confidence.

Features of the Course

  1. This is a 12 Lesson Series of 1.5-2-hour classes via Zoom
  2. Lifetime access to FB group for ongoing support
  3. Group Coaching Sessions dates TBD by attendees for each class series
  4. A 1-hour One-on-One Coaching session with Dr. Beverly
  5. The class is available live with replay in the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) APP
  6. Handouts, charts, slides, and reference material will be available for your later reference.


By the End of this Course You Will

  1. You will have improved intuitive abilities
  2. You will have more confidence in your intuitive abilities
  3. You will be able to answer typical questions people ask about the credibility of intuitive healing
  4. You will have additional tools and skills to add to your practice
  5. You will be able to work remotely with clients and feel confident you will get results
  6. You will know how to manifest the schedule you want with 5-star clients


Who is the program for?
This program is for holistic professionals and coaches who want to improve their intuition to improve their business as well as help their clients/patients improve their lives.

Who is the program NOT for?
This program is NOT for those who do not want to do the personal development work needed to improve their intuitive abilities or who want to use their abilities to harm others.


Class Logistics
OM for Success program is a prerequisite for this class to understand the 5-elements and know your primary archetype prior to this class since this class will delve into your secondary and tertiary elements. OM for Success is offered as Pre-record and is FREE in the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP.

All classes are live on zoom with recorded replay later.

Copies of the slides and other material will be available to download during the program

  • This class is taught as a weekly program.
  • Holiday weeks are skipped.

Visit our Event page in our APP for the latest schedule.



I recently completed Dr. Beverly's Master Healer Certification Program. These classes were amazing. In these classes I became much more aware of my intuitive abilities. Many of which I was never knew I had. We had many interactive exercises that were great.


An enlightening experience. Learned about working with clients. Gaining trust and recognizing warning signs. Dr. Beverly has an incredible amount of wisdom. She has a great amount of professional experience in many areas of the healing arts. These include acupuncture, hypnosis, shamanism and many types of energy healing.


We received many awesome energetic downloads, empowerments and deep meditations.


There were also several great coaching sessions that we received outside of class.


This program offers many challenges and opportunities for growth.


I highly recommend this program. I loved it.

Jean C.



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