Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Master Program

This program is available live in Zoom. Contact Dr. Beverly for the Current Schedule.

Wu Shen is a powerful philosophy for healing and personal development (Dancing Bear)

To be a master healer it is important to have variious tools in your tool box. This Essential Oils program is offered as an adjunct program to expand the skills of a master healer.

The Essential Oils Master program covers Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Carrier Oils, Master Class for DIY projects and healing with 5-element (Wu Shen) theory principles. There are a variety of add-on classes covering various health care and healthy living topics.

Master Class Overview & Program Content

Module 1: Essential Oils Overview

This introductory part of the program is an overview of essential oils, aromatherapy, healing with oils as well as possible DIY projects. It also discusses various delivery systems, i.e., diffusion, roll-ons, sprays, direct applications, internal use, candles, bath bombs, scrubs, etc. It is a prerequisite for all the other Essential modules as this information will not be repeated in the later courses. It is assumed that you know how to blend, preserve, and dilute in water as well as have an understanding of essentail oils versus carrier oils and the various ways to dispense them.

Other Modules

At this time there are 5 additional modules and more being added on a regular basis. To learn more and to register please visit the Dancing Bear Essential Oils website.

Dr. Beverly Lawrence

Dr. Beverly has extensive training and decades of experience in various spiritual and holistic therapeutic fields. She has been training students in the area of meditation, spiritual development, and living holistically for over 30 years. She also was a Teaching Assistant as a Naturopathic Medical School for over 5 years. She has an acupuncture practice in Cottonwood, Arizona. She also works online to bring her expertise to many people globally. To learn more about Dr. Beverly please visit her home page at Dr Beverly Home Page

Weekly Podcast & Summits

Beverly hosts a weekly podcast (YouTube, SimpleCast, Spotify, & Apple) every Monday at 11 AM MST. This is sometimes a talk by Dr. Beverly, or it is interviews of other Holistic Professionals & Coaches.

Twice a year Dr. Beverly hosts a Holistic Transformation Summit with other Coaches & Holistic Professionals who talk about their Holistic Transformational journey.

There is also a Facebook group available on the topic of Essential Oils at: Essential Oils for Holistic Health.